Superior Foods takes advantage of Grenada's organically grown spices and produces a unique range of 100% natural products from plant life. Our product range falls into 4 categories Spiced Rum, Spice Oils, Spice Butters and Nutmeg Oleo resin all of which are extremely popular and 100% natural.
Our Spiced Rum range uses Grenada's finest rums and spices to produce a rum that is smooth, yet kicks in true pic2Caribbean style with the sweet subtle aroma of our fragrant spices. Added to this range are punch-A-Cream and Rhum punch. Both are crème de liqueur infused with fragrant spices to produce an elegantly smooth spicy rum experience.

The Spice Oil range is hugely popular, 100% natural and derived from nutmeg and cocoa. The Medicare Nutmeg Aroma Therapy Massage oils is a very unique product, not only does it contain 100% nutmeg oil from the nutmeg kernel. It also contains a carrier oil extracted from the nutmeg itself which is a careful guarded secret. This means when using this massage oil there is no need to dilute it with a carrier oil to penetrate the tissues and joints. This will result in great efficacy and produce outstanding results.

The Spice Butters range is a 100% natural and produces a rich silky experience when applied to the skin that rejuvenates, moisturises, protect and refreshes.

Superior Foods Nutmeg Oleo Resin is of a premium quality and is a 100% virgin product that has an indefinite shelf life.


We at Superior Foods take pride in the fact that our products are 100% natural, extracted from organically grown spices and that they retain their fragrances and active properties indefinitely.